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More Than A Bandaid

These past few months cannot have been easy no matter who you are. It has challenged everything that we know personally and professionally. For those of us who work in the change management, equity, diversity, inclusion and culture transformation (#EDICT) and people management space, should openly questioning whether our contributions have actually been enough. I recognize that the impacts and outcomes of these events are directly in my wheellhous. As both a consultant and a retired police executive, I must look at each of these events and detours as opportunities that have given me time and space to create something very meaningful and long lasting for my clients. Additionally, as a black woman in America, I know these detours are not unique. They have been a part of America since 1619. Black Americans have navigated them perilously since the first slave was brought to these shores. This is a great opportunity for me to create new pathways and structures while working with my clients large and small. As a professional guide, I will help them navigate through these open wounds that have been festering for centuries only to be closed unhealed and then opened again time after time. Like many businesses are pledging, the work I engage in must also be done with a racial equity lens. It is time to deal with the underlying disease once and for all and not let the many wounds scab over again. A bandaid will not do!

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