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  • Captain LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick (Ret.), SHRM-SCP

Coaching for Success

From the time you enter kindergarten you are learning to become a part of a team. Dodge ball, baseball, lining up two by two, and other collaborative activities that we participated in at school really had a purpose beyond the score or the outcome.

These activities taught us that we can get things done better as a team and that with a little coaching, we can reach even greater heights.

With our professional staff and access to affiliate facilitators, coaches and employee engagement experts, we can provide your organization with the personal attention required to build a strong business model or develop a specific plan of action that will place your company at the top of its game. We're here to be that "alternate mirror" as described in our Diversity and Inclusion Training. We can offer you advice when you need it and/or create a specific road map if you want it. This includes employee satisfaction surveys, 360 Degree Assessments, The People Map System™, and individualized coaching.

When the phone rings, we will answer it. We are a part of your team. As your consultant and coach, LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick understands that you become a part of our company's team and ultimately our success. Your goals and plans continue to be important to us. As a client, you will continue to have access to our staff and information to create the type of business environment that will identify your organization as one of the best places to work that attracts high-potential and highly engaged employees.

​From inspiration to facilitation, short term goal creation to long-term strategic planning, our goal is to meet your needs and set you on the highway to success and/or keep you driving in the right direction!

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