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EDICT©: It's About What You Think!

Change your beliefs and you can create an inclusive culture for all.

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Have you ever considered the impact of your decision today on your organization 10 years from now? In today’s ever-changing world, to be sustainable, we must. The world around us is becoming more diverse. By 2065, the US Population will not have any single ethnic or racial majorities; in essence, there will be no minorities either. Job candidates are expecting their workplaces to be more diverse and reflective of the world around them. 57% of employees expect their companies to improve diversity among the internal workforce and over 67% of candidates seek out diverse companies. Historical, geographic, economic, and leadership experiences define the cultural identity of an organization. Whether public or private, organizations do not operate in isolation, rather, they are constantly interacting with outside entities within socially acceptable norms that are constantly changing in an increasingly diverse, interconnected, and interdependent landscape. Learning how to navigate this evolving landscape is why understanding how equity, diversity, inclusiveness, and a culture of thoughtfulness (EDICT©) can help your organization meet these new and exciting challenges. Book a keynote, lunch and learn, or find out how an EDICT© course can create that culture of belongingness, where everyone feels and knows that they are valuable.

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