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With over 30 years of law enforcement, policy development, and training experience, led by LaPonda Fitchpatrick, SHRM-SCP, ACE, we are uniquely aware of the importance of information sharing and recurrent training.


By advancing professionalism through field and classroom instruction and training, our consultancy can provide your team with the essential tools and insights necessary to add value to your organization.


Whether through the development of aviation security and law enforcement best practices, vulnerability and workplace security assessments, emergency response management, exercise development and facilitation, or developing diversity and inclusion and talent management programs, we are the team for you! 

Through your most important asset, your employees, the team at LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick will help advance your organization's goals and objectives and protect your bottom-line by creating a knowledgeable and respectful workplace environment conducive to a productive company.

With access to a professional team of Aviation and Security experts, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategists, Law Enforcement managers, Human Resources professionals, Organizational Leadership practitioners, and Coaches, LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick can meet all your company's individual training and consulting needs. 

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Companies must instill a philosophy of belonging that supports equity, diversity, and a culture of thoughtfulness (EDICT©) throughout their organization to ensure they can meet the needs of a global economy. They must do so quickly. The philosophy of EDICT© helps companies become stronger, attract and maintain top tiered talent, build employee engagement, increase innovation, and improve business performance!

Simply knowing that the ROI of diversity and inclusion as it relates to diversity of race alone can be as high as 35% over the competition that remains homogeneous or lacks significant inclusion, plus the ROI on gender and other diversity and inclusion factors, should be inspiration enough; but we know it is not. That is where training  in, and practice of EDICT© come into play. It will keep your organization on track and on focus to ensure that diversity, inclusion, and fair and equitable treatment are core values throughout all levels of your organization.


Even if a company believes that its customer base or constituency is local, it can quickly become global through social media and the internet. What faces do you want your company to be represented by?

Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training, policy development, and procedural processes are critical to your success. Our training program, EDICT©, helps workplace cultures instill the core values of equity, diversity, inclusive culture and thoughtfulness throughout all levels of your organization and daily interactions. When we can achieve just a fraction of this based on the definition of edict, "a proclamation having the force of law", imagine the heights organizations can reach proclaiming EDICT© as their goal. 


Remember, we all have something to learn! Let LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick and EDICT© be your diversity and inclusion partner.


Our solutions are simple. As with our motto, Training and Consulting for the Real World (TM), at LaPonda J. Fitchparick we utilize real world processes and scenarios that will help you protect your bottom-line and create a workplace environment conducive to a productive company.


Whether in-person, via interactive video, or self-paced online training, your employees' knowledge base will be expanded to meet the needs of your clients and business models. 


LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick can meet all of your company's individual training, coaching, workplace safety and security, and consulting needs.